The Saskatchewan Dragoons is a unit of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. The Primary Reserve provides assistance to the Regular Force as follows:

  • Safeguarding Canada's sovereignty and independence including surveillance and control of Canadian territory, airspace, and coastal waters;
  • Assisting the Regular Force in support of Canada's NATO commitment;
  • Contributing to peacekeeping missions in support of the United Nations;
  • Providing aid to civil powers as directed.

Reservists also participate in community activities and are frequently involved in civic functions, sporting events, and tourist attractions.

Components of the Primary Reserve

The Canadian Forces Primary Reserve consists of the Naval Reserve, the Air Reserve, the Communications Reserve, and the Army Reserve, which is commonly known as the Militia.

The Army Reserve

The Army Reserve or Militia, the largest component of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve, currently numbers approximately 14,500 men and women serving in some 133 units. These units comprise mainly armoured, artillery, engineering, infantry, and support personnel who train with a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, and radio equipment. Command of the Army Reserve is exercised by Land Force Command in Ottawa.

Army Reserve units can be found on regular Canadian Forces Bases or in local armouries. In the Army Reserve, you will find soldiers employed in the Armoured, Artillery, or Infantry fields, or in other occupations such as Supply Technician, Administrative Clerk, Cook, Medical Assistant, Vehicle Driver, or Vehicle Technician.

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