The Saskatchewan Dragoons is a unit of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. Our job is to assist the Regular Force in meeting Canada's military commitments. Our training and equipment closely follow that of the Regular Force, which the Reserves are called upon to assist increasingly often.

Our role is that of a reconnaissance squadron. Basically, we check out an area in preparation for the advance of a main body of troops. We go forward, sometimes many miles, and gather information on enemy strength, equipment, movements, and intentions. We pass this information, together with other helpful information on such things as bridges, blocked roads, and areas of potential danger, back to higher command so the advance can take place as safely as possible. At the same time we deny such information to the enemy. In the withdrawal, we maintain contact with the enemy while the main body pulls back. Thus, we often speak of our role as

"First In - Last Out"

What We Have To Offer

For the student, we believe we have the ultimate part-time job. For those already in the work force, we are arguably the ultimate service organization. We have opportunities you should know about!

Living the Adventure

Protecting the Queen

MCpl Papilion and Pte Tellier, wearing ceremonial
uniforms and armed with lances, stand on guard for
Her Majesty during her visit to Regina in May 2005.

Warning Orders

100th Anniversary Celebrations

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the LCol D.V. Currie VC Armoury. A number of activities are planned to mark this event, including an open house, a Freedom of the City parade, and a black tie dinner. You can find details on the 100th Anniversary web site at


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