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The Saskatchewan Dragoons

The Saskatchewan Dragoons is a Militia (Army Reserve) unit made up mostly of part-time soldiers. Some are full-time students who may see the Militia as an excellent part-time job to help pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. Others hold full-time civilian jobs, and view the Militia as a way to "give back" to community and country - as well as a source of extra income. Both will find their military duties to be a refreshing change of pace from their regular endeavours. And both will learn how to be leaders - lessons that can't be taught in a classroom.

From September through early June, the Dragoons train one evening per week, plus one or two weekends per month. Attendance at all training sessions, while encouraged, is not mandatory. From May through August, members have the opportunity to engage in collective training exercises, courses, and taskings that range from several days to many weeks in length. This training schedule is ideal for the student, and practical for those with full-time civilian jobs.

"Soldiering for Fun and Profit"

The Saskatchewan Dragoons enjoys modern facilities and equipment as well as some of the best training staff in the country. We are more than able to recruit, process, and train new members in a matter of weeks.

Our work is highly specialized and extremely rewarding. In addition to being well paid, members may be eligible for benefits such as medical and dental insurance and pension plans.

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Last updated 20 April 2002

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