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This chart represents the origins and evolution of all Reserve combat arms units currently in existence in Saskatchewan. It also shows the lineage of two proud regiments, The South Saskatchewan Regiment (13 battle honours in the two World Wars) and the 14th Canadian Hussars (15 battle honours in World War II), which were placed on the Supplementary Order of Battle in the 1960's.

All major separations and amalgamations are shown below. Not shown are some minor amalgamations, such as the 12th Machine Gun Battalion being broken up and absorbed into the Regina Rifle Regiment, the King's Own Rifles of Canada, and the Saskatoon Light Infantry on 15 December 1936, or 50th Field Squadron RCE being absorbed into The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers on 01 September 1954.

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03 Jul 1905 16th Mounted Rifles
05 Jul 1905 The 95th Regiment
01 Mar 1908 Saskatchewan Light Horse
01 Apr 1908
22nd Saskatchewan Light Horse
01 May 1908
The 95th Rifles
01 Oct 1908
The 16th Light Horse
01 Jun 1909
The 95th Saskatchewan Rifles
01 Apr 1910
The 16th Light Horse

The 27th Light Horse
01 Apr 1912
The 95th Regiment

The 105th Regiment
16 Sep 1912
The 105th Regiment Fusiliers
02 Jan 1913
The 60th Rifles of Canada

The 95th Regiment

The 52nd Regiment
Prince Albert Volunteers
16 Sep 1913
The 95th Saskatchewan Rifles
15 Apr 1914
The 105th Regiment
(Saskatoon Fusiliers)
02 Feb 1920 77th Battery, CFA

77th Field Battery, CA on 1 Jul 1925

77th Field Battery, RCA on 3 June 1935

77th (Reserve) Field Battery, RCA on 7 Nov 1940

Disbanded 31 Mar 1946 *
10th Brigade, CFA

10th Field Brigade, CA on 1 Jul 1925

10th Field Brigade, RCA on 3 Jun 1935

10th (Reserve) Field Brigade, RCA on 7 Nov 1940

10th (Reserve) Field Regiment, RCA on 15 Mar 1943
15 Mar 1920
The South Saskatchewan Regiment

The Saskatchewan Mounted Rifles

16th Canadian Light Horse

14th Canadian Light Horse
01 Oct 1920
The North Saskatchewan Regiment
15 May 1924
The South Saskatchewan Regiment

The Regina Rifle Regiment

The Weyburn Regiment

The Saskatchewan Border Regiment

The Assiniboia Regiment

The Yorkton Regiment

The Saskatoon Light Infantry

The Prince Albert Volunteers

The Battleford Light Infantry
15 Sep 1924
The King's Own Rifles of Canada
01 Dec 1936
22nd (Assiniboia) Field Brigade RCA

22nd (Reserve) (Assiniboia) Field Brigade, RCA on 7 Nov 1940

22nd (Reserve) (Assiniboia) Field Regiment, RCA on 15 Mar 1943
15 Dec 1936
The South Saskatchewan Regiment

64th (Yorkton) Field Battery, RCA

The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers

16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse
01 Aug 1940
14th Canadian Hussars
01 Apr 1941
8th (Reserve) Reconnaissance Battalion (14th Canadian Hussars)
01 May 1941
The Prince Albert Volunteers

The Battleford Light Infantry (16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse)
08 Jun 1942
8th (Reserve) Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) **
01 Apr 1946
20th (Saskatchewan) Armoured Regiment

22nd Field Regiment, RCA

10th Medium Regiment, RCA

The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
04 Feb 1949
20th Saskatchewan Armoured Regiment
31 Jul 1954
The Saskatchewan Dragoons (20th Saskatchewan Armoured Regiment)
02 Aug 1954

On 2 August 1954 the 10th Medium Regiment, RCA amalgamated with the 22nd Field Regiment, the 44th Medium Battery, and the 67th Medium Battery, RCA (originally the 29th Light Horse, formed in 1911). At the time of amalgamation the 44th and 67th were light anti-aircraft batteries. The 44th Medium Battery ceased its amalgamation with the regiment on 30 October 1961. The regiment was redesignated the 10th Medium Artillery Regiment, RCA on 12 April 1960, and the 10th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA on 1 May 1962. The 64th Field Battery was absorbed circa 1968.
15 Feb 1955
The North Saskatchewan Regiment
19 May 1958
The Saskatchewan Dragoons

14th Canadian Hussars
01 Mar 1965
Order of Battle
01 Sep 1968
Order of Battle
09 Jul 1982
The Royal Regina Rifles

* The 77th Battery (located in Moose Jaw) was disbanded the day before the King's Own Rifles of Canada (also located in Moose Jaw) converted to armour as the 20th (Saskatchewan) Armoured Regiment. Many former members of the battery brought their gunnery skills to the new armoured unit; however, the units themselves were not amalgamated.

** Redesignated: 8th Armoured Car Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) on 19 June 1947; 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Car Regiment) on 4 February 1949; 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Regiment) on 30 July 1954

*** Units on the Supplementary Order of Battle are reduced to nil strength, but still exist on paper, thus preserving their battle honours and lineage in the event that they are reactivated.


The inspiration for this web page was a wall chart prepared by CWO Rick Elmer, showing a detailed history of The Saskatchewan Dragoons and its predecessor units. The original intent was to reproduce the chart for this page; the result is a classic example of scope creep.

The Directorate of History and Heritage provided valuable information on the lineage of the Saskatchewan Dragoons and 10th Field Regiment, RCA, in the form of extracts from the forthcoming (at time of writing) Canadian Forces publication A-AD-267-000/AF-003, "Insignia and Lineage of Combat Arms Units". Wherever conflicting data was encountered, information provided by DHH was considered authoritative.

Much information was obtained from the "Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth" web site at

Cliff Ashfield's book "The Mainline Militia", made available from the personal library of LCol (ret'd) Gerry Carline, helped to fill in some of the missing links in the lineage of the artillery units of Saskatchewan.

Details on the 14th Canadian Hussars were largely derived from the unpublished paper by Capt J.D. Murray which forms the basis of the 14th Canadian Hussars page.

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